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Meet Lily

Lily is a successful businesswoman, wife and mother of two. Her little girl's birthday is in two weeks and she's anxious to start planning the birthday party. The problem is Lily’s having a hard time coming up with new ideas and doesn’t know where to start. She's busy at work all day and the thought of having to call vendors on the weekend is stressing her out.

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Now meet Olivia

Olivia uses FRED for all her events. Whether she's organising her husband's 40th or the company's monthly socials, Olivia always relies on FRED to help her create those unforgettable memories. FRED is an online platform where people like Olivia can book vendors for any of their event requirements. So who is FRED? FRED’s the clown at your kid's birthday party. He’s the DJ spinning those epic 80s classics at your next house party or she could be the photographer at your wedding.

FRED is your perfect event planner tool. So, let's make memories together.

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Meet Emma

One day I went to Enrico with an idea, whilst living in Dubai our spare room was taken over by an International DJ, who had played Buddha Bar and with the likes of Tiesto, and was between residencies. I was sure that guys like him, as well as Enrico, would love a platform where they can pick up a set here and there, whether a house party or something bigger, but it just did not exist at the time.

Fast forward past the blood, sweat and tears, FRED was born supporting DJs, and with the vision of Enrico, many more party entertainers connect with people just wanting to throw a great event.

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Meet Enrico

A simple guy that enjoys a good party and wants to help party planners gain access to a network of reliable, transparent and professional service providers, that won’t let them down and won’t let them loose face in front of their mates, work colleagues or loved ones. "With a background in hospitality, I always want to ensure when I host a party, whether it’s at home or the office; my guests have a fun and unforgettable experience.

That’s why when Emma pitched me her DJ scheduler idea, I thought to myself, why stop there. Let's include other event related service providers which will provide a turnkey solution for any event planner. Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a seasoned events coordinator FRED can help you plan your next big event."